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Software Application download & install.


Every CONTROL-X2 product will require you to download and install the required software studio application. It is free and very easy. We do not have any registrations, accounts or login’s. Simply choose the correct install from the Software Product Grid below. These installations are the most current available. 11-03-2015

This will invoke the Microsoft "ClickOnce Application Deployment" process. Supported platforms are: Windows XP, Vista, and Windows-7, Windows-8 (32 and 64 bit).


Software Product Grid
Product Software Name / version Firmware Version Install Link
CONTROL-X2 BHRcontroller Studio (v Not Labeled (sold before 01-01-2012) install
CONTROL-X2 BHRcontroller Studio_e (v Not Labeled (sold after 01-01-2012) and P111813 install


Firmware Version Information Grid
Product Firmware Version Information
CONTROL-X2 Not Labeled (sold before 01-01-2012) First generation. 9 temperature zones. Lowest temp 10F. No longer manufactured. Upgradeable, requires processor and firmware upgrade.
CONTROL-X2 Not Labeled (sold after 01-01-2012) Second generation. "e" for extended temperature operation. 13 temperature zones. Lowest temp -04F. No longer manufactured. Upgradeable. requires firmware upgrade.
CONTROL-X2 P111813 Third generation. "p" for period driven timer control. Current product manufacturing.