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Electronic Engine Block Heater Controllers.

CONTROL-max Model 60

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ELEproducts.com is a manufacturer of quality electronic engine block heater controllers. Since 2006. Our CONTROL-X2 has been a top performer in a broad array of different industries.
CONTROL-X2 Ask about our wall mounting option. CONTROL-X2 controllers can be easily mounted to any type of wall or distribution monument for fleet applications or single vehicle installations.

Providing maximum flexibility where either a timer, temperature or combination timer & temperature controller is desired.

Designed for serious duty applications on fleet vehicles, emergency vehicles, tow rigs, buses, school buses, delivery vehicles, heavy equipment.


Our electronic engine block heater controllers are designed to be user friendly with plug and play operation.

Every controller is supported with a real warranty.

CONTROL-X2 CONTROL-X2. One of many fleet orders being shipped out to the customers job site.
CONTROL-X2 CONTROL-X2; Standard Cord Configuration.
CONTROL-X2 CONTROL-X2; Sealed USB connector, provides interconnect to host computer for programming VIA BHRcontroller Studio Software.
StandardCad Drawing CONTROL-X2 Cad Drawing


Product Brochures in PDF format for the CONTROL-X2 are available in our Documents section or by clicking HERE.

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Features and Highlights.

  • Advanced electronic engine block heater controller with 26 independently configurable timers and fully adjustable thermal profiles spanning 13 temperature zones.
  • The CONTROL-X2 timers are period driven. This means that during a power failure or any power interruption, the controllers internal clock keeps running. When power is restored, the controller regains proper operation.
  • Configuration, setup and programming are accomplished with BHRcontroller Studio software application.
  • Sealed canteen type USB connector.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
  • One year product warranty.

BHRcontroller Studio

Programming Software Application.

BHRcontroller Studio software, a free USB application developed by ELEproducts.com. Easily program a single controller or multiple controllers with only a few clicks of a mouse. Programming multiple controllers is streamlined with the applications ability to name, save, and open both temperature and timer configurations on the computer's hard drive.

Supported platforms are: Windows XP, Vista, and Windows-7, Windows-8, Windows-10 (32 and 64 bit.)

Thermal Interface Tab View
Timer Interface Tab View

Automated Assembly CONTROL-X2


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