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CONTROL-X2 series electronic controllers

Four models to choose from:

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Sealed USB connector used in conjunction with the computer running BHRcontroller Studio software. Software enables full programming of the CONTROL-series electronic controllers.




Premium advanced electronic engine block heater controller. Providing maximum flexibility where either a timer, temperature or combination timer & temperature controller is desired. Designed for serious duty applications found on fleet vehicles, emergency vehicles, tow rigs, busses, school busses and delivery vehicles.

Maximum switching current 15A.

  • 26 independent timers. 4 timers for every day of the week and 3 timers for Saturday and Sunday. Each timer is comprised of ON-time and Off-time, creating a timed interval event.
  • 13 thermostatically controlled temperature zones. Within each zone, users program the controllers duty cycle for each of the 13 temperature zones. Duty cycle is defined as the time in minutes ON and time in minutes OFF. Valid settings are: ALWAYS, NEVER, 1 through 120 minutes.
  • POR, or (Power On Reset) function. Users can program: NONE, 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes. This is when the controller is first plugged into the 120v power source, the controller will turn on for this amount of time. It is top priority and overrides any temperature profile or timer configuration that may be programmed. After the POR interval has elapsed, operation continues as programmed.
  • System board mounted red and green LED indicators.
  • 25 FOOT, SJTW 14/3, 125V, 15A, Cordset with Power-On indicator.
  • Optional, 25 FOOT, SJEOW 14/3, 125V, 15A Cordset with Power-On Indicator. TPE Jacket stays flexible in extreme temperatures.
  • Optional, customer specified cord set available. Contact ELEproducts.com with your requirements.
  • Replaceable cord set via Amp/Tyco FASTON terminals.
  • Extremely accurate Real Time Clock with replaceable CR2032 3V coin cell battery.
  • Replaceable15A 125VAC 5x20MM fuse.
  • Oversized 50A relay.
  • Modular design. In the unfortunate event the controller is subject to unexpected accidental trauma, customers can have only those components damaged replaced.
  • Controller environment-direct exposure to outdoor elements.
  • NEMA watertight, outdoor, polycarbonate enclosure with transparent cover and stainless steel hardware.
  • HAYCO watertight cord grips. These will hold up to industrial abuse without compromise.
  • BULGIN watertight panel mount USB connector with threaded sealing cap.
  • Optional BULGIN 2 meter long, MINI B to A, USB cable.
  • BHRcontroller Studio Software. Required to program the CONTROL-series electronic controllers.
  • Full one year product warranty.

CONTROL-X2 Brochure download

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USB Interface Cable

BULGIN 2 meter long, MINI B to A USB cable. Cable provides interface between laptop/desktop computer and CONTROL-series Controllers.

NOTE: Only one cable is required for single or multiple CONTROL-series electronic controllers




Contact ELEproducts.com about having the wall mount kit installed on your CONTROL-X2.

Fleet applications typically mount the CONTROL-X2’s on power distribution monuments, walls, light poles or in docking areas.

Keeping the CONTROL-X2 away from foot traffic and accidental vehicular drive over from supporting snow removal and clean up operations to the docking area.


Forrest Green Color pictured above

True Royal Color pictured above

CONTROL-X2 Fleece Jacket

Helping you stay warm with our embroidered, CONTROL-X2 "Helping You Save Energy" Fleece Jacket.

  • Port Authority® - Fleece Jacket. F217 Forrest Green color
  • Port Authority® - Fleece Jacket. F217 True Royal color

XS, S, M, L, XL.

This exceptionally soft fleece jacket will keep you warm during everyday excursions and it's offered at an unbeatable price.

  • 13.8-ounce, 100% polyester
  • Twill-taped neck
  • Reverse coil zipper
  • Zipper garage
  • Bungee cord zipper pulls
  • Front zippered pockets
  • Interior pockets
  • Open cuffs
  • Open hem with drawcord and toggles for adjustability


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